trinidad+tobago film festival/2014: special edition t-shirt design by SAYSM

posted: 11.09.2014

The trinidad+tobago film festival – apart from being one of the most anticipated events of the year in Trinidad, – is also a fantastic brand that is growing in stature and recognition, across all local, regional and international audiences.

So we were very proud that the ttff/14, in its 9th year running, commissioned SAYSM to create their annual special edition tees, with the theme of the year announced as ‘Looking good’.

Our initial presentation offered 4 design directions – ‘pop style’, ‘random randomness’, ‘abstract’ and ‘retro’. After several heated deliberations, abstract direction was chosen for further concept development.


Although intended for open interpretation, the geometric lens heart was initially thought of as a visual representation of what happens inside the camera after the shutter clicks. The multi-faceted world of that single frame, its expansion in the imaginations of those who interact with it. A hidden universe behind every frame of every story.


We then incorporated the festival’s theme into the design and presented several colour options to demonstrate how it would stand against dark & light backgrounds, prior to choosing the garment colour.


The garment colours were then determined as light grey for female and indigo for male, and the highlight colour set to Pantone 389. The initial feedback was that the overall design should feel more like ttff without compromising the original concept. So we developed a series of options with allusions to the shape of the ttff logo, as well as a variation of typefaces.


Since the ‘looking good’ brand was being developed internally by ttff at this stage, we advised against integrating those words in the design, in the end, to avoid branding confusion. It was eventually agreed to retreat to the more original stand-alone piece by SAYSM on the front with ttff branding on the back. The team unitedly gravitated to the colour accent of some sort however, so we responded with these:


And finally we had the winner!


We went into production for the last time before our departure from Trinidad. It was nice to be in the printery and catch these awesome tees hot off the dryer. Apart from the special edition, SAYSM also produced this year’s staff tees for the ttff team.


We hope our SAYSM X ttff/14 design will be a success among festival guests (the apparel will be on sale throughout the festival, september 16–30th). As for us, we could not ask for a better client to finish our work in Trinidad with. Sorry we can’t be there for the festival, but it’s safe to say: now we will definitely be there in spirit!